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Raspberry Pi LPC1114 I/O Processor Expansion Board MUNTS-0004

Photo of Raspberry Pi LPC1114 I/O Processor Expansion Board MUNTS-0004

This is an LPC1114 ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller based I/O processor and expansion board for the Raspberry Pi, with 8 GPIO pins from the microcontroller brought out to the terminal block. Each of the GPIO pins can be configured for a variety of functions, including A/D input, PWM output, GPIO output, etc. The microcontroller UART, SPI, and I2C ports are connected to the Raspberry Pi expansion bus. See the User Guide for more information. Includes 3" (75 mm) ribbon cable to connect to the Raspberry Pi P1 expansion header.

See the articles in The MagPi Issues 14, 17, 22, and 30.

Quick setup script

Cabling options for 40-pin Raspberry Pi Models


Questions or comments to Philip Munts phil@munts.net

I am available for custom system development (hardware and software) of products using the Raspberry Pi or other ARM microcomputers.