PIC32 Example Projects Using Mikropascal

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PIC32 Microcontrollers

Unlike the 8-bit PIC microcontroller family, the Microchip 32-bit PIC32 microcontrollers, which are based on the MIPS architecture, are pretty delightful to use. Unfortunately I find the Microchip development software not delightful. It is expensive, bloated, and hard to use.

Microchip sells some interesting PIC32 microcontrollers in DIP packages, including some with USB device interfaces. Such devices are easy to prototype with using solderless breadboards, if you can stand to write the software for them. They are also very easy to buy in small quantities from Microchip Direct.

mikroPascal for PIC32

The Mikroelektronika mikroPascal for PIC32 Pascal compiler makes working with PIC32 devices very easy. The compiler hides almost all of the details of the PIC32 architecture. Getting the oscillator and PLL configuration correct can require some trial and error, though.

mikroPascal has a very extensive software component library for the PIC32, ranging from trigonometry functions to USB HID device support. I am convinced that the true value of a microcontroller development environment lies in the richness of its software component libraries more than any other factor. In this regard, mikroPascal for PIC32 excels and is worth every penny of its $299 USD price (which includes lifetime updates).

Questions or comments to Philip Munts phil@munts.net

I am available for custom system development (hardware and software) of products using PIC32 or other microcontrollers.