MuntsOS Base SSH Server

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MuntsOS is a very small embedded Linux distribution based on BusyBox and other components. MuntsOS is delivered as a single Linux kernel image file, which also contains the root file system using the initramfs facility. After the Linux kernel has booted, the system runs entirely from RAM. There are several advantages to this, especially for remote and/or headless embedded systems:

At boot time the MuntsOS environment can be extended by packages in /boot/packages or extension modules which are executable shell archive scripts installed in the directory autoexec.d on various media such as the SD card boot partition, USB mass storage device, USB CD-ROM, or NFS mount.

This Makefile builds a .zip file containing everything needed to boot a base MuntsOS running an SSH server.

Just download one of the Base SSH Thin Server zip files from and extract it to a freshly formatted FAT32 SD card, and insert it into the target system. You can then modify autoexec.d/00-wlan-init on the SD card to customize it for your wireless network environment, if desired.

Questions or comments to Philip Munts

I am available for custom system development (hardware and software) of products based on embedded Linux microcomputers or other processors.