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This package provides libsimpleio, a .Net Standard 2.0 library package that provides libsimpleio.dll, a .Net binding to the Linux Simple I/O Library.

It provides services to control ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) inputs, DAC (Digital to Analog) outputs, GPIO (General Purpose I/O) pins, I2C bus controllers, PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) outputs, servo outputs, motor outputs, SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) devices, and watchdog timers.

With libsimpleio you can develop .Net application programs for Linux target computers, including microcomputers like the BeagleBone and the Raspberry Pi, that control I/O devices. Such programs may be used for physical computing, test fixtures, instrumentation, and other kinds of embedded systems.


The easiest and best way to use libsimpleio is to install the .Net templates package libsimpleio-templates, by running the following command from a Linux or Windows command line:

dotnet new install libsimpleio-templates

The above command will install a .Net application program project template called csharp_console_libsimpleio. You can then create a project using it with commands like the following:

mkdir myprogram
cd myprogram
dotnet new csharp_console_libsimpleio

On Windows, after you have run the dotnet new install command above, Visual Studio 2022 will automatically pick up the csharp_console_libsimpleio project template. You can then create a project using it with FileNewProject... and then search for libremoteio.