Linux Simple I/O Library

libsimpleio is an attempt to encapsulate (as much as possible) the ugliness of Linux I/O device access. It provides services for the following types of I/O devices:

Although libsimpleio was originally intended for Linux microcomputers such as the Raspberry Pi, it can also be useful on larger desktop Linux systems.

The C wrapper functions exported by libsimpleio all follow the same uniform pattern:

All of the C wrapper functions are declared between _BEGIN_STD_C and _END_STD_C for C++. Binding modules are provided for Ada, C#, and Free Pascal. Additional source code libraries are provided for Ada, C++, C#, and Free Pascal that define OOP (Object Oriented Programming) classes for libsimpleio.


The user manual for libsimpleio is available at UserManual.pdf. Installation instructions are on pages 6 and 7.

The man pages specifying the libsimpleio API are available at libsimpleio.html.

Git Repository

The libsimpleio source code tree is available at:

Use the following command to clone it:

git clone

Debian Package Repository

Prebuilt libsimpleio packages for Debian Linux are available at:

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