Linux Simple I/O Library

libsimpleio is an attempt to encapsulate (as much as possible) the ugliness of Linux I/O device access. It provides services for the following types of I/O devices:

Although libsimpleio was originally intended for Linux microcomputers such as the Raspberry Pi, it can also be useful on larger desktop Linux systems.

The C wrapper functions exported by libsimpleio all follow the same uniform pattern:

All of the C wrapper functions are declared between _BEGIN_STD_C and _END_STD_C for C++. Binding modules are provided for Ada, C#, Java, and Free Pascal. Additional source code libraries are provided for Ada, C++, C#, Java, and Free Pascal that define OOP (Object Oriented Programming) classes for libsimpleio.



The user manual for libsimpleio is available at UserManual.pdf.

The man pages specifying the libsimpleio API are available at libsimpleio.html.

Git Repository

The source code is available at:

Use the following command to clone it:

git clone

Package Repository

Prebuilt packages for Debian Linux are available at:

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