AVR Microcontroller Toolchain Notes

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This toolchain includes binutils, gcc, and avr-libc. It may be built for Linux, MacOS (using Fink or MacPorts), OpenBSD, and Windows (using Cygwin) development hosts. The toolchains produce identical results on every host operating system: This is the reason I created my own toolchain; I routinely flip back and forth among Linux, MacOS, OpenBSD, and Windows development environments. It is even possible to build the toolchain as a Canadian Cross to run on a small Linux system such as the Raspberry Pi or the BeagleBone. See Makefile.cross for details.

I use the Atmel AVRISP mkII and avrdude for in system programming. Since avrdude is rather OS dependent, and native binaries are available for all of the environments I am interested in, I do not include it in my toolchain.

Prebuilt toolchain packages are available at: http://repo.munts.com.

Questions or comments to Philip Munts phil@munts.net

I am available for custom system development (hardware and software) of products using AVR or other microcontrollers.