ARM Microcontroller Firmware Development Framework

Here are some frameworks for developing firmware for a number of ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) architecture single chip microcontrollers.

I am interested in alternatives to the traditional GCC development environment, so you will find here some experiments with Astrobe Oberon, Free Pascal, GNAT Ada, ARM Mbed OS, and Mikropascal for ARM microcontrollers. I am convinced that the true value of a microcontroller development environment lies in the richness of its software component libraries more than any other factor. For this reason, my own work has mostly switched to ARM Mbed OS and Mikropascal, both of which include very extensive component libraries.


Git Repository

The source code is available at:

Use the following command to clone it:

git clone

Questions or comments to Philip Munts

I am available for custom system development (hardware and software) of products using these ARM microcontrollers.